Lanzhou Airport Informational Guide to Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport (LHW) - Non Official

Lanzhou Airport Taxi

Get to Lanzhou within an hour by taxi from the airport. 

Friendly tip

It turns to be necessary to have your destination written down in Chinese as many drivers don’t speak nor understand English.

For those passengers with a fluid level of Chinese, we encourage them to negotiate fares with the driver.


Taxicabs are located across the waiting hall, just below the sign of Taxi Stand. To take a taxi, please line up. 


Fares tend to be higher due to the long distance between downtown and the airport. 

The cost of a one-way trip to downtown Lanzhou is around CNY 250-300. 

On the other hand, a trip to Lanzhou Railway Station is about CNY 300. 

*fares may change without prior notice.


DiDi Express is available at Lanzhou Airport. 

Shared taxi service is about CNY 50 per person. 


If you want private transportation to and from Lanzhou, you can book a transfer. 

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